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Georgia Wild Boar Hunts

Starting at $250

RLA, Inc. specializes in trophy boars although meat hogs may be harvested. Trophy boars with 3 to 4 inch tusks are in the $495 range.

Georgia Wild Boar Hunting

RLA, Inc. utilizes several outfitters south of Macon Georgia for wild boar hog hunts. 
Only one large boar with tusks 3 + inches are allowed per hunt.  Hunter may take one additional meat hog in the 160 lb range.

Hunts vary from one to three days.  Lodging and meals are available.  Price varies with length of hunt and location. Trailing and catch dogs are available with one outfitter.

Added below is a sample of the type of trophy boar hogs that are available.

Georgia Wild Boar Hunts Georgia Wild Boar Hunts

Ron with feral hog packing large tusks.

One location offers a weekend hunt Friday - Sunday 3:00 pm with lodging, meals, and stands for $595.

Georgia Wild Boar Hunts Georgia Wild Boar Hunts
Georgia Wild Boar Hunts Georgia Wild Boar Hunts
Georgia Wild Boar Hunts
Ron with catch dogs.
Hog hunts on one middle Georgia Plantation starts at $250 and goes up to $595 for huge trophies east of Cordele, Georgia. Many options available for the hunter.
Georgia Wild Boar Hunts

Georgia grows some massive wild hogs with good genetics.   The hog in the picture on the left is a 500 lb + hog taken a few miles North of our hunting concession southeast of Macon, Georgia.

Our hunting areas have a good population of boars with Eurasian genetics with feral crosses.
The Eurasian hog often has a long tail and narrow snout.  Some have a thick mane along the spine below the upper neck line.  Baby Eurasian piglets are camouflaged with spots like fawn deer or lateral broken lines of brown white.  Populations are high and big boars are prevalent.  These are exciting hunts either with or without dogs.  It is believed that we have access to some of the best Eurasian hog genetics in the South.  Boars make a super trophy mount with 3 to 4 inch tusks.